Honors English 9

2nd Hour-Honors 9C Syllabus

3rd Hour-Honors 9C Syllabus

6th Hour-Honors 9C Syllabus

7th Hour-Honors 9C Syllabus


Vocabulary List (TKAM Ch.1-4)

To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab.

Vocabulary Collection


Narrative vs. Essay Style

Self-Assessment-Personal Essay

 Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes Template (pdf)

Cornell Notes Template (docx)

The Cornell Way (Rationale and Steps)

Cornell Notes Template and Sample Notes

More Sample Cornell Notes (All Subjects)

 To Kill a Mockingbird

Web Quest: Mockingbird Introduction

Google Searches (Narrowing Results)

"Only the Accused Were Innocent" (NYT article)

Scottsboro Boys Exonerated (Huff Post)

A Day in the Life of the Working Poor

Great Depression/Dust Bowl (PBS)

Great Depression (NYT article)

Jim Crow Laws (link)

Jim Crow Museum (Ferris State University)

"Texas Voter Reg Straight Out of Jim Crow" (The Nation)

Images: Library of Congress 

Historical Backdrop Video (WeVideo)

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy (PBS American Experience)

Scottsboro Boys (Video by Emory University)

The Great Depression (PBS)

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (video)

Historical Background (YouTube Video)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Inauguration Speech (video)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Inauguration Speech (transcript)

Vocabulary List

Finger Lickin' Good (Food in TKAM)

Audio Recording of Book (YouTube)

Book Chapters, Study Qs, Quiz

Trial-Testimonies Activity

Commas Rules PPT

Essay Requirements (Personal Connections)

Writing Process Contents+Self-Reflection (TKAM Essay)

Example Essay Paragraphs (Personal Connections)

Essay Heading Example

Vocabulary List (TKAM Ch.1-4)

 Seminar Novels

Journal Requirements

Speak Movie

 The Odyssey

The Epic and The Classic Hero (Introduction) (ppt)

Odysseus: The Epic Hero (Hero's Journey Map)

Study Guide (Exam Prep)

 Grammar, Punctuation, Usage

Editing Lesson #1

Frgmnts, Comma Splices, Run-Ons (Quiz Yourself!)