Eagan High School has used the "SmartMusic" computer-assisted accompaniment system with our band lessons in school since 1997. This software continues to experience wonderful upgrades annually, including ear training, jazz improvisation, full-band and jazz band practice features for some of the music we play with our bands in school, and others. The entire system is available for you to use at home for minimal cost.  

  • A paid subscription is good for one year for the cost of $36.
  • You do not have to be connected to the internet continually to use it, though you may occasionally need to download specific files to use some features.
  • You pay SmartMusic directly for your subscription.
  • After paying for your subscription, you will receive the software to install on your computer.

  • To order this software for your home computer click on the link below and follow the website steps for ordering.  For those of you who recall a "discounted" price for our students, the discount is not longer offered by Smart Music. The price though is still only $36 per year. General information about SmartMusic software can be accessed at the link below.
  • You will be given the opportunity to purchase a microphone with your subscription. We highly encourage you to include this in our order to make all the features of Smart Music available to you as a home user.