Lesson Information

  • Lesson grading information (grading rubric) is below. Parents and students should be aware that lessons account for 50% of the total band grade.
  • Missed lessons must be rescheduled before the next regularly scheduled lesson.
  • The lesson rotation for the entire trimester (listed by Day#) is included in the main calendar at left.

  • Individual lesson schedules, LISTED BY TEACHER are below

  • Private Lesson Verification forms are provided below
  • If lesson times change to accommodate school schedule changes (pep fests, etc.), updated times will be reflected on the schedule in the band dept. However, the online lesson schedule may not reflect that change.
     Lesson Grading Rubric/Practice Expectations

    Lesson Grading Rubric

    How to effectively practice and prepare for lessons & performances

     Woodwinds - Mr. Pearson

    Lesson Cycle 1 (Begins Monday, 12/11)

    Lesson Cycle 2 (Begins Thursday, 12/21)

     Brass - Mr. Hart

    Lesson Cycle 1 Dec. 11-20

    Lesson Cycle 2 (Starts Thurs. Dec. 21)

    Lesson Cycle 3 (Starts Tuesday, Jan. 16)

     Percussion, Mr. Benson

    Lesson Cycle 3 (Starts Tuesday, Jan. 16th)

     Private Lesson Verification

    Beginning of Trimester Verification: Due the 12th school day of each tri.

    Gr. 10-12 Audition Schedule, Oct. 3-6. This schedule will not reflect any changes made since posting it. The version posted at EHS is current.

    End of Trimester Lesson Verification: Due the last school day before final exams begin. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Lesson Cycle 3 (Begins 1/16)