EHS Band Handbook
Welcome to the Eagan High School Band
Although many people in our school and community know the band for its performances at various school events, the focus of our program is on comprehensive musicianship-specifically, the development of musical perception, aesthetic sensitivity, and technical mastery. Certainly there are other social enrichment by-products and the development of priceless life skills learned by all our band members, but these are in addition to the foundation of our band’s number one priority - music education .

We cannot, and do not take for granted what “being in band” means to our students. Although it might seem we are just completing one performance and then preparing for the next, there is a much greater educational agenda being shared every day in our rehearsal room. Learning music is preparing our students to be successful in life. The benefits of the study of music to total academic success are well documented.

This handbook will help to answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to contact the directors to personally meet with us to share your concerns or entertain new ideas to benefit our students.

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