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Eagan students enjoying breakfast before heading off to visit the highest peak in the French Alps.
FRENCH II Students:  Please use the following links to access the online text.  Mme Albertson
4th hour
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6th Hour
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7th hour
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The French Department at Eagan High School welcomes all  Eagan High students to our five year comprehensive French program. Our classes are interactive and communacative. Begining with  the fall Trimester 2013 we are excited to offer a new, one trimester class of French cinema which will explore culture and language using current and classic French film.  We also offer a homestay and travel program to France for students in  Level III through College in the Schools.  Students are  given the opportunity to explore having a foreign exchange student by hosting French students for short stays in their homes during the school year or the summer. The  senior year of French study,  students  have the opportunity to earn college credit through a concurrent program with the University of Minnesota College in the Schools class.  We also are happy give our students a chance to expand their cultural experience with French club activities.


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