Encore 2016!
...a child's dream

DREAM - noun: illusion, vision, delusion
verb: conjure up
Synonyms for dream: idea, imagination, nightmare, thought bubble, chimera, daydream, fancy, impression, incubus, rainbow, reverie, specter, speculation, trance, vagary, wraith, castle in the air, mental picture, pie in the sky, pipe dream...
Our high energy, multi-media performing arts showcase is a great experience for seeing our talented students bring your favorite (or soon to be favorite) songs to the stage.  Backed by our outstanding jazz band, joining forces with talented dancers, all packaged with a beautiful presentation of light and projection will make you want to come back multiple times.
From jazz standards to current hits, we will take you through a journey of daydreams, nightmares, and hopes for the future.  Join us for the dream!

Senior Preview- Wednesday, December 7  3:30 pm
Friday, December 9  7:00pm
Saturday, December 10    7:00pm
Sunday, December 11   3 pm
Thursday, December 15   7:00pm
Friday, December 16  7:00pm
Saturday, December 17  7:00pm

Tickets are available NOW at THIS LINK
All seats reserved
Ticket Booth opens on Monday, December 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each day students are in school
and one hour prior to each performance.

Contact: Randy Schafer