1. Click on the link below to view the 2015-16 BPA WSAP.  This contains everything you will need for contests.  Download to your desktop but DO NOT print this document as it is 246 pages long!

2. Once you have the WSAP loaded see pages 18-20 for a listing of all events.  Then go to pages 5-7 and click on the contest you are interested in.

3. Read through the contest information  - some are two pages and some are five with rubrics.  Once you decide on a contest and it is approved you should then print the contest pages as this will be your guide.  

4. Events that mention the Style and Reference Manual, Team or Individual Entry Forms will require a National ID to access and print.  (this will be provided once you have officially joined BPA).

5. As a reminder: participation fees are due 11/6/15 and contest choices are due 11/20/15.